Wyoming is definitely known for its unique wildlife that roam throughout several areas of the state. They are a big part of what makes up the amazing scenery and backdrop for the Cowboy States that we sometimes take for granted. But there's also times when they make it impossible to look away.

The Center for Biological Diversity recently released an incredible video of Trapper's Point in Wyoming, which is located on Highway 191. They tweeted the video showing an amazing herd of Pronghorn Antelope making the pass over the Wildlife Crossing. The wildlife crossing is also helping to preserve a migration path for the Pronghorn Antelope that has existed for thousands of years.

Thanks to that wildlife crossing and several more that have been constructed throughout the state, as they tweeted, Wyoming wildlife-vehicle collisions have significantly dropped by more than 85 percent. Not only does that preserve the life of big game throughout Wyoming, but it also has helped to reduce damaged vehicles and of course, personal injury in those vehicles.

That particular wildlife crossing at Trapper's Point also has its own live broadcast cam that shows what is happening. It also shows when other migration events may be taking place so that you can enjoy watching the wildlife as they make their way through the wilderness at Trapper's Point, which shows off both Pronghorn migrations and Cattle migrations.

Wyoming has become a leader in helping to preserve wildlife as part of what is known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It's a pretty incredible thing when you get to see the preservation of wildlife as it's happening throughout the state.

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