Your house smells fine. Just fine.

You come and go every day and you haven't noticed anything. You have air fresheners around the place. It's all good.

But maybe, just maybe your friends might notice something. Oh no, it doesn't stink. There's not an odor that drives off people. But there could be just a little...something.

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Health put together seven things that could put something "funny" in the air that you may not even notice. You've become pretty much accustomed to it, but folks that come over may notice it. There might be a thing or two in the list that ring true in your home.

So if one of these culprits is hanging in the air at your price, it's easy to take care of it. And who knows, the next time the neighbor drops in, they might just take a deep breath and say "Gee, did you get a new air freshener?"

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