Some homes just look like they came straight out of a dream. This one in Cheyenne is no exception to that.

One great thing about Wyoming which everyone knows is that pretty much anywhere you look here, there's tons of space. This particular home has not only space all around, but the inside looks as if there is never-ending space. It seems as if it just goes on and on.

This Mediterranean/Italian style massive house looks like every home you have ever seen that looks like a celebrity lives there. However, that's not the case here. Someone just smartly had this one custom built with some of the most amazing niches you could ask for. Not to mention, the floor to ceiling windows highlight the indirect lighting and the aforementioned enormous space.

The home has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms in all of 6,496 feet and looks like it could be so much bigger than that. It's time to look at what this place has to offer...

2415 Wildhorse Trl in Cheyenne

And that is the third most expensive home in Cheyenne, located at 2415 Wildhorse Trl. It's listed at $1,390,000. From the tall ceilings, the spiral staircases, the huge entertainment room(s), and so much seemingly endless space inside, this home really does have just about anything you could ask for. Did I forget to mention the huge patio with not just one, but two fireplaces?!

So if you're looking for a new spot in Cheyenne and you just happen to have $1.4million sitting around, you might just have a dream home on your hands!

What Does a $25 Million Wyoming House Look Like?

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