Imagine a home where you could see out over the entire capital city with the capability to entertain as many guests as you want. This place looks like it was meant to be on a Wyoming style episode of 'Cribs'.

There isn't a view from anywhere in or around this home that isn't absolutely breathtaking. If it's possible to have a panoramic view from any home throughout the capital city, this one has it for sure.

This home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms in its total of 5,420 square feet of space that seems like it never ends on the inside. The main level faces south where you can lookout over the city of Cheyenne through the floor to ceiling windows. The enormous master bedroom which looks big enough to be banquet hall has a master bathroom that includes a spa bath, as well as a steam shower. That also leads into an incredibly large walk-in closet. The spot includes an entertainment room with an amazing bar. There's also a private entrance on the balcony.

It's the type of place where you would want to host a house party every week. If you were watching a movie, it's the type of place you would expect the wealthy millionaire that is somehow included in the plot, to have.

You won't find a home that has a panoramic view of the capital city like this one. Not even close. While this place is selling for $1,950,000 through Zillow, it's astonishing to look at. Let's see what it has to offer...

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