Group Administrator, delete if not allowed, but is it Fall again? We had what, 3 weeks at best of nice Fall weather before Winter hit this week. So, I'm just wanting to take a feeler after looking at the upcoming forecast for the next 10 days. It feels like we're heading back to Fall with the temps consistently in the 60s after today.

The National Weather Service Thinks So

I'm seeing some warmer, much more Fall-like temperatures coming up this weekend. I mean, I'm all about the nice chill in the air in a Fall evening, but come on, let's keep it going with the nice warmer weather while we still can. We're going to hit February and be in tears until Spring hits in mid-June.

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It's also the perfect time for this weather, it's changing the leaves slightly, and I want to enjoy then falling down without the trees being completely naked. How embarrassing for them.

I also know, in Cheyenne, we got lucky. It was just some ice. We didn't get the snow hats on our cars like our friends North and West of us. I'm talking about the directions, not Kanye West's kids. So you can say we're really lucky on both fronts to have a bounce back to Fall, if this is what it is.

So, are we back to Fall? Can we bust back out the pumpkin spice lattes? Enjoy a nice bonfire at a friend's house? Enjoy the SLIGHT chill in the air? If so, I'll be happy for another couple of weeks.

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