We've all been there, you're working on something and all of a sudden your internet goes down. You call customer service and there is an outage from the other end of the country that's disrupting your service. It's frustrating. On top of that, you're stuck looking at the T-Rex game on Google Chrome.

Well, hold on to your laptops because there's a new form of high-speed internet making its way to Cheyenne. The Fiber-Optic internet company, Bluepeak has already broken ground on its ultra-high-speed internet. Their Fiber-Optic internet is so fast that you could probably have 12 TVs in your home streaming TV shows and it not even flinch. It's awesome.

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There is some construction that goes into putting fiber-optic internet in, they'll have to dig. If you're concerned about how that works, Bluepeak is doing a Meet and Greet where you can learn all about their internet service and how the digging may affect you. You can find the link to the event taking place tomorrow at LCCC here.

Bluepeak is hosting a Meet & Greet for community members and their families to learn more about the expansion of high-speed internet service to Cheyenne and the construction process. Bluepeak will be onsite to answer questions, illustrate how a bore machine works to dig holes underground for fiber equipment and showcase equipment including pedestals and fiber.

They'll have all the info that may be of concern to you and more. I've had fiber-optic internet before and I will say, you'll have a fraction of the issues you may have with other providers and it'll be the fastest internet you'll ever use.


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