Many go to Yellowstone National Park and hope to see bears. However, very few want to see them this close. A hiker recently shared video of a close encounter with a grizzly mom who had 3 tiny cubs with her.

Steve Parks just shared this video on YouTube. Based on his title, he came upon these grizzlies on the Hellroaring Trail in Yellowstone. Let's hope his camera has a really epic zoom lens and he wasn't really this close.

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Hellroaring Trail is a much-traveled area in the backcountry of Yellowstone. The National Park Service sums up its whereabouts:

Trail begins with a steep descent to the Yellowstone River Suspension Bridge, then crosses a sagebrush plateau, and drops down to Hellroaring Creek.

It's about 3 1/2 miles west of Tower Junction. They note that there's not much shade on this day hike trail, so bringing water is a must. Based on this video, you better be packing bear spray also.

Based on the grizzly mom not really paying attention to Steve, I'm pretty sure he's a good distance away as she would be super defensive with young cubs at her side. That would not be a close encounter that would likely end well.

Great video catch by Steve of a grizzly mom and her young ones foraging for food in Yellowstone.

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