The news story from November 14 reported

“A lockdown at Carey Junior High School has been lifted after Cheyenne police failed to locate a reported mountain lion in the area.”

-Cheyenne Police Department

Police searched the area but found no trace of an animal. Officer Kevin Malatesta says it’s possible the eyewitness may have confused a tan dog that was seen wandering in the area for a mountain lion.

The CPD Facebook page showed a great sense of humor when they posted The Cheyenne Police Department Field Guide to Mountain Lions (with assistance from Wyoming Game and Fish.)”

How to recognize what is and what isn’t a mountain lion, a convenient guide “necessitated” by a number of recent reports of mountain lions in the city of Cheyenne, but with no real confirmation.


Facebook response was quick and funny.


Justin: “Just in case WY G&F didn’t address the distinction between a mountain lion and a cougar…” with a picture of a mature woman on the prowl.


Brandi: “So.... what your saying is, even though my cat thinks she's a panther I shouldn't call you with a sighting?!?!”


Amy failed to see the humor: “Well that’s insulting. What happens when someone doesn’t report it because of this?!”


But for the vast majority, Thomas summed it up well: “Hahaha, Whoever runs this page deserves a raise, represents CPD well and every CPD officer i've met. Thanks guys”

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