If you’re looking for a reason to check out some of Cheyenne’s best watering holes and breweries, then this Saturday is your time to shine, baby! You can support the History Underfoot Project from the Downtown Development Authority while you’re pub crawling. It’s probably the best of both worlds, as Daniel Stern’s character famously said in the blockbuster film, Rookie of The Year. 

The really cool part of this, is the History Underfoot Project, which the Facebook Event describes as  

The History Under Foot Project is designed to encourage both tourists and community members to explore downtown and learn about Cheyenne’s heritage. Inset cast bronze plaques will be installed in the sidewalks throughout downtown to commemorate historically significant events, people, and places. These plaques are made of cast bronze, a durable metal that can withstand years of varying weather conditions and heavy foot traffic unlike terrazzo, stone or softer metals. The shallow relief texture of the panels acts as a tread and creates traction for people walking across the surface. In addition, the plaques are ADA compliant. The plaques provide a mechanism to share some of the unique and fun stories and events that aren’t commonly known in a simple and accessible format. The History Under Foot Project will be a multi-year project, adding plaques as funding allows. 

This is going to be really cool, DDA does a ton of awesome things for the community, this project may be one of the most interesting that I’ve seen. For more details on the pub crawl itself and to reserve your spot, contact Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company. They also have more event details on their Facebook page, here. 

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