The budding trade war with China could have a significant impact on Wyoming's two biggest industries mining and tourism. The Cowboy State exports nearly $120 million in goods and services to China per year, according to the US-China Business Council.

Over the past decade, the number of products exported from Wyoming to China has grown 822%, from $6 million in 2008 to $58 million in 2017. China is now the seventh largest importer of goods from Wyoming.

The brunt of a potential trade war would likely be felt in Wyoming's trona mining industry. China currently imports $37 million in soda ash each year, which is used to make glass and other household products. China also imports more than $20 million in agricultural products from Wyoming farmers annually.

China is also the second largest importer of services from Wyoming behind Canada. Wyoming exports $60 million in services to China each year; over $32 million in the travel industry.

The US-China Business Council estimates that the export of goods and services from Wyoming to China supports 900 full-time jobs.

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