The feeling every morning, struggling out of bed, wobbling your way in the dark to the coffee maker, and creating the real version of black gold. After it goes in your cup, what do you do next? Do you just down it? Do you hook it up in an IV(no, don’t do that)? Or, do you add a little something something to make it takes sweeter? Zippia dug deep to find out how Americans consume coffee by state. 

Here are some things they found out. 

  • Only 2.7% of people say espresso is their favorite. 
  • If you like to swirl your coffee drink around in some ice best, you’re part of the 13% that do. 
  • No surprise, most coffee drinkers drink it for the caffeine. 
  • A whopping 49.8% of people make their coffee at home, which may the low number of espresso drinks. 
  • Only 17% take advantage of free coffee from work, while 32% buy their coffee from a shop. 
  • The average cup of coffee is $2.99, that adds up to almost 15 bucks a week and a staggering $780 a year if you pull through the drive-thru every work-day 

So how do we drink our coffee? Well if you’re in Idaho, you love it iced, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota want it with Sugar and Cream, but what about Wyoming? We’ll take it black. Absolutely. Montana is there with us. Actually, as I write this, I’m waiting on my French Press to finish so I can pour a cup of the black gold in my cup. Wyoming is clearly not a pumpkin spice state, take that across the border.

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