Whoa, what a crazy long weekend of watching sports. Every major sport was played over the weekend, MLS, yup, NBA, of course, NHL, you betcha, MLB, play ball, NFL, heck yeah! I was also glued to watching the somewhat odd return of College Football. I say, somewhat odd because it was missing some normal teams we’re use to seeing(Big 10 and Pac 12) and the SEC didn’t start this weekend. But, we had college football and man did it deliver. I’m going to go ahead and say the College Football games were better than the NFL games, but to be fair, they didn’t have a Preseason, so it’s going to be kind of poor football for a couple weeks at least. Draft Kings has the Clippers winning with –7.  

How did the Nuggets do in their playoff match ups over the weekend? They were facing elimination all weekend and...they prevailed! Yes, the Clippers couldn’t push down the Nuggets and have forced a Game 7! I actually had picked the Clippers to win it all, if you look at their roster, they're tough. But, not tough enough to take the Nuggets out in less than 7. Game 7 tips off tomorrow at 7. Go Nugs! 

The Rockies are trying really hard to not make the playoffs at this point. I know it’s pointed to say, but they just kind of aren’t putting their best foot forward to try and grab a playoff spot. No one has claimed a Wildcard yet, and they are not too far behind to get the last spot, but they need to stop losing. The Padres catching of fire toward the middle of this weird season did not help matter. We’ll have to look at the next couple weeks and see if they can curve their game play, otherwise, they’ll be watching from home. 

The Broncos are back tonight! Kickoff is at 8:20 against the Titans and I don’t know if we needed anything more than the Broncos and football in general to be back. I can’t wait to see how the off-season treated the roster and if they can make a push this year. The games I watched yesterday were kind of sloppy, so I wouldn't read in too much to the odds on this one, but Draft Kings have the Titans winning this one by 3.  

No matter how you look at it, Denver is Playoff City and a pro sports mecca right now. Let’s get these games going with no stoppage! 

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