Technology has allowed to us have access to the entire world at the push of a button. While this makes everyday life a lot more convenient, it has also made us a lot more dependent on things like our smartphones, tablets and laptops. After I inadvertently left my cellphone at home, it made me wonder how long I could go without having it.

The normal radio work day doesn't always allow you to move freely, so it was a good four hours later before I was able to make it back to my humble abode to get my beloved Samsung, Android-powered smartphone.

What I find out about myself was this: I could realistically (probably) go an entire 8-hour work shift without it. That being said, I would be miserable, but it is definitely doable. I would prefer not to be without it more than an hour though. With all my social media apps, games and let's not forget the actual phone (calls and texts), anything longer than that away from my device is way to torturous!

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