If you ever had the luxury to live in a dorm in college, or other close quarters living, I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity to have your sleep interrupted by some noisy neighbors. Whether you jammed the ceiling with a broom stick with a “Hey you guys cut that out” or called the police, the noise probably came back, and basked in your misfortune. So if you thought about this as a whole for a state, which states would be the loudest and which would be the nice quiet states? 

Zippia did some heavy lifting on this topic and ranked the loudest states in the United States.  

We ranked each state 1-to-50 in 4 categories: 

Home size (Smaller homes are louder) 

Household/family size (The more people living together, the more noise) 

People per Sq. Mile (The more people, the noisier the state) 

Cars per Sq. Mile (The more cars, the noisier the state) 


Looking at this list, the states around us didn’t fare too terribly. Montana is the quietest state, coming in at #50, Colorado is full of shushers, ranked at #45, Nebraska was #42, South Dakota #48 and Utah is the noisiest around us coming in at #37. 

So where does Wyoming fall in on this list? To the delight of most Wyomingites, we are the second quietest state in the Union. Yup, #49. It’s like coming in second in a really sleepy marathon and we’ll take it. Rejoice, Wyoming, we’re quiet, just like we want to be! 

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