Last year, Buckrail pulled off an epic April Fools Day prank, announcing that the Wyoming Wild Game Department was planning to release 90 Australian kangaroos in the Cowboy State.

The tall tale duped animal rights activists across the world, who actually believed the Wyoming Migration Initiative "Project Sage Hopper" was real and were outraged that hunters would soon be targeting marsupials.

Credited to fictitious author Fabian Lobera, the story suggested that, if the kangaroo migration was successful, researchers were also planning to introduce koala bears and Tasmanian Devils, which prompted complaints on social media from readers who somehow missed the words "April Fools" written in bold at the end of the article.

In an era of fake news, the deliberately fake Buckrail story ranks among the best April Fools pranks in Wyoming history. It also begs an interesting question: how many kangaroos will be released this year?


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