The popular Colorado-set adult cartoon South Park has been going for over two decades on Comedy Central. Which begs the question, how many times has the state of Wyoming appeared on South Park?

The answer is five.

The most famous Wyoming storyline was back in 2003; season 7, episode 11.

Kyle was planning his birthday party at the Casa Bonita Mexican restaurant in Denver and could only bring three friends. When Eric Cartman learned that Kyle planned to invite Butters instead of him, he devised a devious plan.

Carman lured Butters over to his house and warned him that a "meteor the size of Wyoming was headed for earth" and convinced him to hide out in Uncle Jimbo's bomb shelter.

Eventually, Cartman's plan was exposed, Butters was rescued, the boys went to Casa Bonita and humanity was saved from a "meteor the size of Wyoming on a collision course with earth."

In season 19, Cheyenne is mentioned during the Truth and Advertising episode, which spoofs an attempt to rename "a rundown area south of the capitol in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to historic SoCaCheyWo."

Wyoming is also briefly mentioned in season 8's "Good Times with Weapons" episode, when a naked Eric Cartman, who believes he is invisible, tiptoes through an antique sale at the county fair which featured "a lamp from the estate of Edna and James Hollinger, who lived in upstate Wyoming."

Although Wyoming has only been 'mentioned' three times on South Park, Yellowstone National Park and Cheyenne Frontier Days both make an appearance on "Cartman's Incredible Gift" in season 8.

In the episode, Cartman is abducted by "left-handed serial killer" Michael Deets and forced to watch a slideshow of his adventures, which included a trip to Yellowstone and CFD.

Cheyenne's F.E. Warren Air Force Base is also depicted in season 15's Funnybot episode, where a missile is deployed to take out an offensive robot comedian.

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