According to a new study published by Time, the cost of attending a Denver Broncos game this year will be nearly $200 per person.

The study includes an average ticket price of $67, another $30 for parking, $4.75 for a hot dog, $4.50 for a soft drink and $6.75 for a beer. Add it up and the average fan will shell out $196 to see a game in person.

Of course, for the hundreds of fans who travel to Denver from Wyoming, you'll need a tank of gas for the trip.

And unless you know someone with tickets, good luck finding a seat for $67. The cheapest ticket available for tomorrow's season opener on StubHub is $126 (way up in Section 517, Row 16).

Believe it or not, the price to attend a Broncos game is near the league average. The most expensive NFL team to see live is the San Francisco 49ers, where the average fan will shell out over $270.