Wyoming is the Equality State, but some are more equal than others. Seven hours away from the mega-millionaire haven of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Cheyenne is the state’s biggest city. But being rich in Jackson takes a lot more than Cheyenne to be considered rich.

According to an investment firm Charles Schwab survey, “rich” is having about $2.4 million, The government views upper income differently.

To be considered "rich" in Cheyenne, you need an income of at least $117,790, or about double the median household income of $58,895.

The city with the lowest buy-in with the rich kids is Detroit, Michigan, where you would need at least $52,498 for membership.

Around this Rocky Mountain neck of the woods, you ante up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with at least $108,220, Billings, Montana, $105,888. Down I-25 in Denver, Colorado you need some $112,516.

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