A new study is out that shows the richest person in each U.S. state.  The head of the list is a no brainer.  Washington's richest person is obviously Bill Gates.  Nebraska's is obviously Warren Buffett.

--But the list gets more interesting toward the bottom.  Which five states have the "poorest" richest person?  Here's the answer:

#1.)  Wyoming.  John Martin, the chairman and CEO, is the poorest rich person on the list.  He's 'only' worth $210 Million.

#2.)  Vermont.  Robert Stiller is the founder of Green Mountain Coffee.  He's worth $580 Million . . . three times more than Wyoming's richest guy.

#3.)  New Hampshire.  Martin Trust is a businessman worth $600 Million.

#4.)  Hawaii.  Jay Shidler is a real estate developer worth $680 Million.

#5.)  Alaska.  Even with all the oil in Alaska, the richest person is Robert Gillam, who's the president and CEO of a capital management company.  He's worth $690 Million.

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