What do you do if you don't have a garage and there's a heavy, wet and hail-ish storm heading your way?

I thought about a car cover, but my wife said I'd need either a blanket or a quilt to stop the hail from actually doing any damage. Well....That's right. And guess what? I can easily find a hail blanket!

There are companies that make them for your car when you have no garage or get caught on the open road. Cheyenne is the hail capitol of the USA, after all, according to a weatherman friend of mine.

Check out hail blankets. These look like they might really work. Other people say to save the money and go to garage sales or flea markets and buy several cheap blankets, line the inside with cardboard and put them on the roof, hood and trunk during a hail storm.

Seems like an awful lot of work for me when one of these blankets promises near effort-less protection.... what do you think?



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