Saddle Ridge Elementary was a victim to the hail storm that took over Laramie County yesterday afternoon.

The town was warned all day long with phone updates, tornado sirens and just by looking into the sky, something crazy was going to happen.

Off Wilderness Trail, sits Saddle Ridge Elementary, yes it is summer time but the teachers have to start preparing for the upcoming year. When Shelly Leslie showed up this morning the last thing she was expecting to do was roof work.

The hail was so bad yesterday afternoon that it tore through the roof and ruined a few classrooms including Miss Leslie's. The school will take care of the roof, ceiling tiles and the outside damage of the hail. Books and supplies for 1-3 graders will be needed, as to what exactly, we will know more once the rooms are inspected.

Several ways to donate, get a hold of Shelly Leslie yourself or go to the Cheyenne Hills Church for now. Gift cards are accepted as well.

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