Printing on the cup is sooo last year. This summer, the New York Yankees will be serving beer with their logo or pictures of the players printed ON THE FOAM of their beer. Blue Point Brewery is seeing brisk business with their new Ripples machine that prints an uploaded picture on the head of a beer with a malt extract that you cannot taste.

Upload and print any picture, logo or print “May I buy you a beer?” which actually seems to work very well. Nitro beers like Guinness have a thicker head and seem to hold the image the longest, but still, you gotta drink it sometime!

It also works for coffee.

A Ripple Machine will cost about $1,000 with a $75 service contract and for coffee, can be used to print on milk foam with a coffee extract.

Print any picture! I can’t wait to see my beer with Steamboat on the head.

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