The classic date night is back on with some restrictions.

One of the biggest debates this summer in regards to COVID-19 is about movie theaters. The idea of a packed-out theater for a summer blockbuster just doesn't exist in 2020. However, the theaters across the nation are beginning to open their doors and get those reels moving again.

I'm sure they're very dusty.

Theaters shut down along with so many other businesses when coronavirus hit and there are those who are not quite comfortable going back just yet. The idea of sitting in a theater with some stranger breathing down your neck for 2+ hours isn't high on some people's list. However, theaters are opening up with new restrictions to enforce social distancing.

According to the map at the bottom of this article posted by Variety, Wyoming is operating with social distancing guidelines in place.

This is pretty open compared to other states across the nation. In fact, there are still states with theaters that have not opened, like California, Arizona, and New Mexico among others. Seven states still have not opened their theaters. There are several other states that are operating at a 20-49 percent capacity, and others with a cap between 50-70 percent, while Montana is capping their guests to 70-99 percent capacity.

Most of our neighbors are also open again when it comes to going to the movies, with Idaho, Utah, and South Dakota operating the same way we are. Colorado and Nebraska however, are limiting their guest numbers between 50-70 percent capacity.

These numbers are all taken from a report on August, 3.

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