It's been a long Winter. It really has. But, twice a month we get to celebrate the goods and produce that can be created during Wyoming's coldest days during the Cheyenne Winter Farmers Market. I'm not just saying it for me, this event twice a month at the Depot is an absolute hit. Downtown Cheyenne is packed for every Winter Farmers Market.

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But, with all good things, it must come to an end. Well, at least for the season. I mean, I almost believe it's Spring, so it makes sense when we fade out of Winter. If you need to listen to some 80s rock ballads as you process this information, I'll understand. Just remember, this isn't goodbye forever, it's, see you later. So, if you're really bummed, make sure you make your way out for one last trip Saturday. But, hey, November isn't that far away.

The passing of the Winter Farmers Market pushes us to think about the future. And the future is the regular Cheyenne Farmers Market held out at Frontier Park. You just have to wait a couple of months for the farmers to have some goods to sell. So, you only have to wait until August to get the Summer Farmers Market.

So, now all you need to do, is hit up the final Winter Farmers Market this Saturday, be sure to stock up and the next thing you'll know, CFD will have passed already and we'll be gearing up for the warmer version of the Farmers Market.

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