It's a fact that I love Casper mountain and log cabins. Both of those worlds have collided again as I've located another log cabin available on Casper Mountain and snagged a dozen pics for you to enjoy.

The physical address of this log cabin is 9458 Crimson Dawn in Casper. These pics shared by the listing agent on Realtor will give you an idea of what rustic joy awaits you.

Casper Mountain Log Cabin

If the Google Map approximation is correct, this log cabin is located not that far from the bike club.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

I'm not a HGTV Property Brother, so I can't tell you what's a good deal or not. I do appreciate the fact that this property includes a large and a small cabin. If I had relatives that needed a place to hang, it'd be nice to have an adjacent building nearby they could use.

The Realtor website shows a current asking price of $175,000. I wish I had that much change in my couch to give this one a shot. As it stands, I enjoyed looking at all their pretty Casper Mountain pictures.

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