Wyoming’s downturn in the energy sector has our unemployment rate is 4.9%, and there are those that are seriously underemployed. Having a job is a good thing, having a good job is great. But there are some bad jobs out there.

careercast.com ranked the 10 worst jobs that you could have had in 2016, based on environment, stress, income, and outlook:

10. Firefighter

9. Taxi Driver

8. Advertising sales

7. Retail sales

6. Pest control

5. Enlisted military

4. DJ

3. Broadcaster

2. Logger

1. Newspaper reporter


As a DJ / Broadcaster, I occupy the 3rd & 4th worst jobs of last year. But it gets worse; I also work in a field that attracts the most psychopaths.


Jobs that are most attractive to psychopaths from Forbes. ?

  1. CEO
  2. Lawyer
  3. Media (Television/Radio)
  4. Salesperson
  5. Surgeon


If you’re wondering about the good jobs, careercast says;


The 5 Best Jobs of 2016:


  1. Data Scientist

2016 Jobs Rated Score:91

Annual Median Salary:$128,240

Growth Outlook :16%


  1. Statistician

2016 Jobs Rated Score:92

Annual Median Salary:$79,990

Growth Outlook :34%


  1. Information Security Analyst

2016 Jobs Rated Score:94

Annual Median Salary:$88,890

Growth Outlook :18%


  1. Audiologist

2016 Jobs Rated Score:97

Annual Median Salary:$73,060

Growth Outlook :29%


  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

2016 Jobs Rated Score:122

Annual Median Salary :$62,540

Growth Outlook :24%


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