One thing I am NOT, is a beer snob. I enjoy all different types of beers and especially those beers that are made in Wyoming. To make the move into brewing your own beer takes many hours, days, weeks, months and (in some cases) even years to perfect.

Beer has a very long history with the first known beer was brewed by the ancient Chinese thousands of years ago. Beer has been in the US since the 1600's and today there are over 7500 craft and macro breweries. Through the years, beer has evolved and gets better and better every day

In the age of craft beers, Wyoming has shown up to the party in a major way! There are over 30 Wyoming based breweries pumping out prefect suds for our drinking pleasure. Many of the brewers get really creative when coming up with their beer flavors. Using things like banana's, avocado, coconut, chocolate milk, smoked bacon and of course lately coffee flavored beer has been popular.

If you're life dream has been to own a brewery and become a brewmaster, that could happen and according to this dream is obtainable. Since Wyoming has over 30, it seems to me that making, drinking and living beer is something that many Wyomingites are passionate about.

One of the great things about beer is that it's like fashion, every season there's a whole new batch for us all to try that falls in line with what season it is. There are Spring beers, Summer beers, Winter beers and of course Fall beers. Since fall is upon us, I thought I'd throw a couple Fall beer options your way.

Wyoming Breweries Fall Beers

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