For the most part, I like to write these specifically about Wyoming Craft Beers. I think it's great to spotlight different awesome breweries here in the Cowboy State. Every once in a while, though, I like to spotlight a brewery across the border. I do have a favorite brewery in Colorado.

Enter Soul Squared Brewing Company 

If you've never been to Soul Squared in Wellington, you're missing out. It's farm themed, and I honestly haven't had a bad beer there. I've taken their beers back home to Kentucky with me to share with my Brewer friends and they all have very high praise for their brews as well.

I recently joined Soul Squared's CSA Beer Club(Community Supported Agriculture) where you basically prepay for your beers for six months, but you get a "share" of their new beers each month. This month, they have a Nordic flavor, an Elderberry Sahti.

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Whoa, this is one of the best, most unique beers I've ever had. The original style of this beer goes way back to Viking times, they didn't actually boil the beer, didn't have hops, so they just kind of lucked into making beer(what an awesome surprise).

This brew is so tasty. It's a little boozy with an ABV of 7.6 percent, so, enjoy a couple, but pace yourself. It has a great color and is a great conversational piece.

Mat Ozee Townsquare Media
Mat Ozee Townsquare Media

The only sad part of getting this beer is that I only have 2 cans left of the four that came from my share. I'll have to make a trip back down to Wellington for a crowler or two before it's gone!


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