Today (Monday, Sept. 28th) is National Drink A Beer Day... yep, that's a thing.

And even though I usually don't need anyone to twist my arm to drink a beer, well I'd hate to let National Drink A Beer Day down...

Here's a list of my top 10 favorite breweries from right here in Wyoming. If you disagree, let us know. We'd love to discuss!

  1. Black Tooth Brewing - Brewery growing fast from Sheridan, Wyoming. You can find them in stores all over Wyoming now.
  2. Snake River Brewing - A Jackson Hole staple. You'll find old cowpokes drinking along side movie stars.
  3. Coal Creek Tap - One of three Laramie places making my list. Love their coffee next door, love their beer equally as much.
  4. Lander Brewing Company - If you've never been to the Lander Bar, can't recommend it enough. Microbrews and it's haunted. The more you drink, the scarier that becomes.
  5. The Library Grille & Brewery - The brewmaster at this Laramie establishment is legit. He's won awards from all over the region.
  6. Bitter Creek Brewery - Next time you find yourself in Rock Springs, hit them up for a burger and beer. Their burger menu spans half of the entire menu, and that's completely fine.
  7. Altitude Chophouse & Brewery - Steak, beer, a nice atmosphere. Altitude is a great spot for a cold one with dinner in Laramie and one of my go-to spots after Wyoming football games.
  8. Wind River Brewing - There's not much to Pinedale other than it's really pretty. So you might as well enjoy the communities only brewery, and it's worth the visit.
  9. Cheyenne Brewing Company - Cheyenne's newest brewery. They aren't afraid to be bold with beers like the Jalapeno Hefeweizen, and it pays off.
  10. Prairie Fire Brewing - Gillette brewery that has done things well for several years. Ask about the SOB.

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