The good news is you live in Wyoming. The bad news is you’re spoiled. Seriously, some things you love can actually get old. Maybe you’ll relate to 5 these great, but slightly frustrating things:

1. All the nice days outside are hard to watch – through a window at work all day. You’d rather be there fishing or something. About the time you get off late in the day, cool breezes can turn near tornado force wind. That can start to get frustrating.

2. Speaking of weather, you live in wild Wyoming, right? It starts with spring floods. In summer the wild late day storms – possibly with hail - get old before the first wild fire. Even if your location isn’t effected, the media’s ongoing disaster coverage never stops.

3. Wyoming isn’t the only place the media can get a stranglehold on a story. That can get to the point where you want to tune out everything and go to a tranquil place like Yellowstone. Well, it’s tranquil if you don’t feel the “swarm” of quakes. Actually they’re hardly felt and I’m already sick of the word “swarm” regarding 878 quakes there in the past two weeks. Granted, that is above average in Yellowstone, which only gets 1,000 to 3,000 seismic events per year. The media can forget to mention that part in updates on how “Yellowstone-could-blow-anytime.”

4. It’s good that roadwork is getting done. It’s awful that construction slows down your vehicle and the efficiency of its summer air conditioning. How many orange barrels does it take to leave you just one lane.

5. You’re happy to live in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, but by the fourth of July, we’re already sick of “Tourons.” Every year we have to teach them how to, “Take wildlife selfies from a distance, or the animals can kill you.” Oh well, at least they bring their check books to Wyoming, and then leave.

Maybe we should follow Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers tour bus and get out of here once in a while. I’m sure it won’t take long until we say, “With any luck we’ll be in Wyoming tonight!” Chancey says that they all really do feel that way every time they hit the road for home. That's why it's in the song, "Rodeo Cold Beer."