All eyes were on the sky this weekend with the Scorpio Moon looming over the country and everyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. It's always fun when we have different shades and events with the moon. It really brings all of us together when these cool events happen.

With that being said, while we all love to look at the sky, and our sky is better than most, let's just put that out there. I mean, we can see so far, it's HUGE, apparently, we aren't seeing any UFOs in our sky. I know, right? That seems like something that would go hand and hand. Even non-Wyoming residents are seeing them.

The website Stacker ran the numbers and Wyoming ranks really low in the country for reports of UFOs. Now, that's not to say we don't really have aliens among us, if you're like Fox Mulder in the X-Files and want to believe, but, we're not reporting that we're seeing them(that's what they want you to say, amirite?). In fact, we came in as the 3rd lowest in the country.

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I mean, we even have an Intergalactic Spaceport for them if they want to land. We have only had 266 sightings. That's a very low number when you think about it. I mean, we have so many tourists that come to the Cowboy State to enjoy our awesome weather and views, you would think some guy lying on the ground, looking at the sky would see something, right? Apparently not. We'll just ignore that Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was filmed here.

Maybe it's our low population, or maybe, we've all had that Men In Black flashy thing done to us. Either way, we're not seeing UFOs in Wyoming.

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