Next month marks the 41st anniversary of a bizarre incident that ranks among the weirdest alien abduction stories ever told. On October 25, 1974, Carl Higdon was hunting in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

According to his account, as he attempted to shoot down an elk, the bullet from his rifle traveled in slow motion and he felt a strange sensation. Higdon claimed that he was then approached by an alien life form wearing a uniform with a yellow emblem and six pointed star.

From there, Higdon's story gets really strange. After a brief conversation with the alien, he was taken to their spaceship and transported to their home planet 163,000 light years away. The next thing he remembers is arriving back in the forest two hours later.

Oddly enough, when he returned to Medicine Bow, his truck was missing. He eventually found in truck three miles away from its original spot, stuck in mud. After calling for help on his CB radio, the authorities arrived.

Upon hearing Higdon's story, the local sheriff took him to a local hospital for observation. Prior to the abduction, Higdon has suffered from tuberculosis. Upon examination, doctors discovered that the scars that had previously been on his lungs we now gone.

Although experts studying the case have never validated Higdon's account, three other eyewitnesses, including Higdon's wife, reportedly saw red and green flashing lights in the area where he had been hunting.

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