To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the classic Steven Spielberg film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", Devils Tower National Monument is gearing up for their first annual UFO Rendezvous.

If you go, here are the five weirdest people you will encounter.

1. Sci-fi Geeks - Every day is ComicCon for these guys. When they're not debating whether Han Solo or Greedo fired the first shot, they're showing off their collection of vintage superhero action figures. Luckily, aside from an occasional lightsaber duel, they are completely harmless. Threat Level: 0.

2. Alien Abductees - The truth is out there. And these people know because they've seen it. Of course, those mysterious lights they witnessed on the horizon must have been alien spaceships. Fortunately, the only crime they ever committed was trespassing outside Area 51. Threat Level: 1.

3. Conspiracy Theorists - The Roswell incident was real, just ask these people. And then prepare to hear them explain why the moon landing was staged and 9/11 was an inside job. Threat Level: 2.

4. Angry Anti-Government Types - For these folks, the UFO cover-up is just another example of big brother infringing on our liberty. Do NOT engage them in a conversation about public lands; they might shoot you. Threat Level: 5

5. AM Radio Listeners - These budding domestic terrorists are the most unhinged people you'll see. They can often be found standing in a field wearing a hat made of tin foil scanning their portable radios for distant signals and complaining that "Coast to Coast" has really gone downhill after Art Bell retired. Threat Level: 10.

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