So you were smart enough to get out of this winter's sub-zero temperatures and snow.

How about a week or so in the sun and sand?

While you're there why not build a sandcastle?

But that's a lot of work.

Here's an idea.

Just dump a bucket of sand upside down and then scrape some lines into the sides.

Voila! Devil's Tower.

Your work here is DONE!

attachment-devils tower trading post facebook 2

You could take a nap.

But why not add some seaweed around the edges to make it look like trees?

WAIT... does someone have a toy soldier?

Now you have a scene from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

How creative of you.

Okay, now you can take that nap.

At least you didn't FREAK your family out by making it out of your mashed potatoes.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of sea shells laying around that look a little like alien spacecraft.

Heck, you could have fun making UFO noises as you fly them over the tower.

The fun is just endless here, isn't it?

This means that when you go back to Wyoming you'll have to visit the tower, just like in the movie.

The "group" that Chuck is talking about is his post on Facebook. "Devil's Tower Trading Post."

They have lots of great posts about Devil's Tower, and you'll love their profile picture.

attachment-devils tower trading post facebook

Wow, 19K followers.

Not bad.

They post a lot of fun stuff there and great pictures of the tower, year-round, along with the history of the tower and current events.

Old Medicine Of The Chugwater Wyoming Drugstore

If you visit the tiny town of Chugwater Wyoming you'll find the newly restored Soda Fountain.

In fact it's Wyoming's oldest soda fountain and malt shot.

It's always worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch, or maybe a shake or malt.

The place was a drug store and soda fountain for the longest time.

Back then soda was actually used to cure an upset stomach.

So what sort of old medicines were left behind by Chugwater's last pharmacist?

It turns out, some of them are on display.

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