Wyoming reminds me of a lake my dad and I used to fish when I was a kid. No matter how many times we got in the boat, we always found a new awesome place to fish. The same can be said for our state where there always seems to be a new cool place to adventure.

I have to give credit to Only In Your State for putting the old mining area of Aladdin Tipple on my radar. The reason I say to check this classic location out next time you visit Devil's Tower National Monument is it's barely a 45 minute drive away.

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Those on TripAdvisor that have visited Aladdin Coal Tipple seem to rate it highly calling the area "interesting history" and "how coal was done". That's accurate. If you've wondered what mining in Wyoming was like over 100 years ago, this is the place to investigate. Atlas Obscura goes as far as calling Aladdin Coal Tipple as "a rare surviving relic of the area's bygone mining industry".

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The Only In Your State article mentions that it dates back to mining in 1898. I appreciate the fact that the state has made sure there is plenty of educational signage up near the mining area so you can understand what you're seeing and what it means as the Historical Marker Database mentions.

If you love Wyoming and you appreciate its history, Aladdin Coal Tipple is a much visit. Combine that with a swing by Devil's Tower National Monument and you have a great day trip Wyoming getaway.

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