One Salt Lake City driver had a close call of the truck kind. While waiting in traffic, video captures the moment a truck hits ice on the side of the road then crosses the highway and hits the median.

According to the description on YouTube, this happened the morning of May 1st. The vehicle cam of the driver waiting in traffic shows a truck heading south on I-215. You can see the right tire appear to hit an ice patch then immediately begin careening toward the median.

The driver mentioned how terrifying it was to see the bottom side of the truck barely miss their vehicle. This appears to have had a happy ending though. The truck did not end up crossing over the median and hit oncoming traffic and the driver notes seeing the driver of the truck out and talking to emergency response personnel.

If your travels over the weekend take you through Salt Lake City or any other metro areas, this is a reminder that you just never know what you'll encounter on the roads.

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