So I know that there are a ton of skills that most everyone used to know how to do fairly efficiently and it seems that the more we move forward in the future those skills are slowly but surely becoming nonexistent. Which is kind of heartbreaking for the most part.

According to, These are some of the skills that have been lost over the years and generations.

1. Reading & Writing in cursive: This used to be a staple in my third-grade class and I'm just learning that kids aren't even practicing this skill anymore... How are they going to sign checks and give their signature on loans and stuff if they aren't learning the basics now?

2. Sewing: Gonna be honest in saying that I have no clue how to sew anything. It was not a skill that I grew up depending on obviously with me being a millennial we just went out and bought new clothes when they tore. Or I did take my teddy bear to my grandma when it tore.

3. Navigate with Map & Compass: I did actually learn how to do this one time during boy scouts but I retained absolutely none of the information so I'm hoping that I'm never in the middle of nowhere without my cellphone that has a connection.

4. Drive a Stick Shift: It blows my mind how many people I've met older and younger than me that have no clue how to drive a stick shift. It was mandatory in my family to learn this skill if we ever wanted to go anywhere.

5. Oil Changes: Are you for real? It takes 15 minutes... Get on Youtube and learn this skill.

6. Replace a Flat Tire: You shouldn't be driving if you don't know how to do this.

7. Balance a Checkbook: I'm not sure if this is a skill that they teach at highschool now but It sure wasn't a class when I was in school. I had to learn this from my father who sat me down and drilled this into my brain when I was 24! I hated doing it but then again It's made me more financially stable so, thanks daddio.

8. Remembering Phone Numbers: I'd say that anyone who had a home phone growing up or as an adult you were a pro at remembering someone's phone number after they gave it to you.

9. Putting a Stamp on The Correct corner of an envelope: Not a lot of us send snail mail anymore but it's still an important life skill to know where you need to place the stamp if you are sending mail through the USPS.

10. Finding Words in a Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia: With the use of Siri, and Google there really isn't a need for these things anymore. But one-day technology will fail you and if you don't know how to find things in these ancient book things you'll be so screwed!

11. Reading a Clock Face/Military Time: By far one of the most important skills you could have. I mean if you can't read the face of a clock than what did you learn in 1st grade?!

12. Cooking From Scratch: I didn't think this one was a skill because I taught myself how to cook when I moved out of my parent's place. But according to one of my co-workers' people don't know how to cook things and they just order those meal packages off of the internet. Teach your kids to cook, they'll thank you for it later.

13. Communicating Face to Face: Here's another one that I did think about but kids now days have their faces buried in their phones and most of the time have a really hard time socializing with humans face to face.

14. Being able to do Simple Math in your head: I recently learned that I was far better at doing equations in my head than I thought I was and it's sooooo much easier than finding a calculator and it saves you time. Plus people think you're smart!

15. Creating a Mixtape: Personally I never had to create a mixtape off of the radio but I've got friends who've told me stories about how they waited all day to hear that one song and have to get crafty with a cassette tape in the car and time it perfectly with the radio or else they messed up the beginning of the song.

I know a lot of us can relate to some of these items but if your kiddos don't know how to do some things on this list, it'd be a good time to sit them down and teach them a thing or two.

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