Awards were handed out, including one saluting Wargasm as the Best U.K. Breakthrough Band, but the group's experience at the 2021 Heavy Music Awards will also have one other notable memory as bassist Milkie Way's performance with Trash Boat's Tobi Duncan reportedly got the Awards' Twitch stream shut down for three days when Way's nipples became visible through her chain top.

It was a moment that apparently didn't phase the event's organizers or some of the fellow performers, but ended up causing a strike by the awards' streamer over showing nudity. Way tweeted after the ceremony, "I would say I'm sorry for getting the Heavy Music Awards Twitch stream shut down for 3 days because of my nipples but I'm simply not," then adding, "Man, can't believe my nipples are so powerful."

Trash Boat's male vocalist Tobi Duncan pointed out the double standard, responding to Way's tweet saying, "We both had our nipples out so they can take that double standard and get into the fucking ocean." Trash Boat's Twitter account also tweeted the hashtag "#freethenip."

Way's outfit for the performance was a chain-designed top while Duncan sported a sheer fishnet shirt, with both musicians' nipples visible as they moved about during the performance.

The Heavy Music Awards also appeared to be fine with Way's performance and appearance, stating, "If anything, this just makes us love @milkieway_ even more. Every aspect of all the performances tonight made us so proud of this scene and excited for its future."

After a wealth of responses, Way weighed in again, adding, "Seriously the last thing I’ll say on this is that I just wanted to wear a nice outfit that I felt good in for an important event and if you think that needs policing and that I'm the reason your night was ruined then I will straight up fight you." She later continued, "Police your expectations, not women's bodies."

Way also showcased the top that she wore for the ceremony, giving credit to the designer with a link to her other works. Meanwhile, Duncan shared the outfits he and Way wore during the performance on Instagram, stating, "If your algorithm bans a stream for girl nipples and not boy nipples then it’s clapped and you should throw it in the fucking sea."

Aside from the commotion over the nipple-baring incident, the Heavy Music Awards did honor some of the best in heavy music over the past year. Bring Me the Horizon won Best Album at the fifth annual ceremony for their Post Human: Survival Horror release and they also took home Best UK Band honors. Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds received Best Production for his work on the band's Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible. Meanwhile, Nova Twins received Best Video honors for "Taxi."

Other winners of note included Spiritbox (Best International Breakthrough Band) and Ghostemane (Best International Band). The night also featured performances from Hot Milk and Sleep Token.

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