That's right! One of the newly announced emoji being added to the ever-growing repertoire of our modern-day hieroglyphics is our very own state-flag star: The American Bison.

There are 62 other emoji that will be joining the Bison on our phones and computers in the second half of 2020, including one I'm particularly excited about (A roller skate!) the transgender flag, Ninjas, boba tea, wooly mammoths, and just in time for Valentines Day, anatomically correct human hearts.

New emoji are selected based on a series of proposals. Check out the Bison proposal here. You would need to argue why the emoji would be useful and what situations the emoji could be used in. Then these proposals are voted on by a board of unicode consortium, basically a group of people from all over the internet that maintains one centralized keyboard code so regardless of what device you use, you'll have access to those emoji.

I wanna have a discussion with whomever submitted the proposal for the eggplant emoji though. What were they thinking?

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