Maybe this is the next item on our apocalyptic check list.

Are you feeling like you're at the end of your rope? We already have way too much to deal with in 2020, the last thing we should worry about is someone trying to steal our information. I wish the scammers would go on lockdown, but it looks like they are continuing to work remotely.


In this pandemic, I've noticed something I haven't had before on my phone. Spam text messages. Oh sure, I've had plenty of spam emails and scam phone calls, but a text? I was under the assumption that the line was drawn at text. That somehow a text message was too personal. I mean, I feel exposed every time I see one of these stupid texts.

In the last few months, I've received several phony Amazon delivery texts, fake messages from dating apps, an offer to get paid to put a Dr. Pepper decal on my car, and a TON of CBD oil supplement deals. Now, I'm not one to give out my info to really anyone unless I've known you for a minute. So either some company I've used in the past has been hacked, or someone is selling phone numbers to these people.

Well, let me tell you, sister ain't happy about it.

USA Today suggests some things you can do to stop these messages. It sounds like the easiest thing to do is simply block the numbers. I get that we like in a world where greedy people want to steal from other people, but could we not? Especially during a year like 2020.

Have you received a text like this?

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