This summer, the Flippers Family Arcade moved into, arguably, the most haunted building in downtown Cheyenne.

Rumors of ghosts at 1617 Capitol Avenue date back to the venue's days as The Cheyenne Club.

Not to be confused with the original Cheyenne Club, which served as a private members-only social club for rich cattle barons from 1880 to 1936, the Cheyenne Club on Capitol Avenue was far from fancy.

It was a rowdy saloon that hosted country music concerts for many years. During its heyday, some employees reportedly witnessed the ghost of a man hanging in one corner of the building.

The venue later served as a mexican restuarant where staff members allegedly saw another apparition, a customer in a trench coat who would mysteriously dissapear when he was approached.

According to the staff at Flippers, they have yet to witness any ghosts...yet.