Speed traps are all over. And when there happens to be one that drivers have already passed, there's a chance if you're approaching from the opposite direction, they will give a warning sign for this, such as flashing their car headlights at you. But is that illegal in Wyoming?

There's been other instances when cars may want to flash their lights. Perhaps it's someone behind you in the left lane and they want you to move over to the right lane. For whatever reason they might have to flash their lights you, they or you, should you do it, may want to think twice about that.

Laws throughout the country with regards to flashing your headlights for any purpose while driving your car vary from state to state. In Wyoming, according to Justia US Law, the 2020 Wyoming Statute 31-5-928.c states, "Flashing lights are prohibited except as authorized..." The authorized vehicles are those such as law enforcement, vehicles of municipalities and public service corporations, wreckers, and funeral processions. Even those come with special circumstances.

Given the fact that law enforcement is one of those 'authorized' vehicles, I don't think they will be the ones flashing their lights to tell you there is a speed trap coming up. If they do you flash some sort of lights at you, it's likely that you have a lot worse problems than just speeding on your hands.

Perhaps you're still nice enough to want to warn others about speed traps. If that's the case, have at it. However, just know there is a risk involved, given that technically, it is illegal to do so.

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