This, my friends, is a total scam.

One thing I sincerely wish would be wiped out with this pandemic are scams, spam, and phishing emails. Nothing irritates me more than to have a fake phone number call me to try to weasel information out of me or a fake email try to infect my computer. What's worse is that now I am beginning to receive scam/spam text messages. Some are links to check on Amazon deliveries that I never placed and others don't even try to hide it, they simply send a link without any context.

Haven't we been through enough without people trying to steal our money or information?

I get that there are other ways for people to rob you of these things, but for some reason these make my blood boil. I think it's because, deep down, I know that innocent people are being taken advantage of. People who don't know any better or want to believe in the good of this world are being conned every single day.

Ok, I'll get off my pedestal now.

Recently I received an email from a Vincent Gambino Baker, Attorney at Law. The subject line just said "Notice to Appear in Court." This sounds scary and serious when you first see it pop up in your inbox. However, I thought back to the times that I have been summoned for jury duty. Yes, I know this is different but it's still activity at the courthouse. That summons always comes in the mailbox, not my inbox. So I already knew this is fake. Even the "legal jargon" in the body of the email is almost grammatically incorrect. I mean "Hereby you are notified" should probably read "You are hereby notified." Now, I'm no legal expert, but this also got my scam radar buzzing.

There are also random words that are capitalized in the text which, as someone with a Journalism degree, I believe is a crime.

Vincent Gambino Baker

Another red flag is that there is no concrete information in the email body. You can bet that an email is fake when it's extremely vague and the only way you can get the details is to click a link. Plus, a simple Google search tells you that this guy is not only fake, but a gazillion other people have already taken to the internet to testify in favor of this being a scam.

Bottom line, if it smells fishy... it probably is.

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