The 26th Wyoming Brewers Festival has came and went but it couldn't have possibly been a better weekend. While the festival certainly centers around the beer being sampled, the people, the live music, and all around atmosphere makes the festival what it is year in, year out in downtown Cheyenne.

There definitely wasn't any beer brewed at this year's festivities that didn't deserve to be there. And sure enough, there were a few winners who were recognized for their fantastic beer, as they do each and every year at the event.

The winner of the Ironhorse Competition was Snake River Brewing's Jenny Lake Lager, which I can personally attest to that is without a doubt, a phenomenal brew that is well deserving of the award. It's certainly one of my go-to beers so take that for what you will.

As for the People's Choice Award, for this year, it went to WyOldWest Brewing Company. I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to their tent for more.

The Brewers Choice Award went to High Plains Drifters. All brews were extremely deserving for this year.

But what a weekend! The weather couldn't have been better, nor could the beer have been, really! The bands were putting out a perfect vibe of nostalgia for all to embrace throughout the entire weekend. We can only hope that we all get to be back and enjoy it a year from now. For all that came out and participated at this year's Wyoming Brewers Festival, whether you were just in attendance, a sponsor, a musician, a beer pourer, or a beer brewer, thanks for an awesome weekend! And until next year, Cheers!

Wyoming Brewers Festival 2022 in Downtown Cheyenne

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