Despite a decent amount of breweries for the lack of population in Wyoming, not everyone is a craft beer drinker. While there are plenty of those, there are definitely plenty of Wyomingites that want a beer and/or hard seltzer that is on the lighter side of things. So what is Wyoming's most popular light beer or seltzer?

Perhaps there are some people reading this and laughing at the idea of light beer because they are someone who drinks Budweiser or Coors Banquet, which are not on the light side of things. There might even be those reading that think it's hilarious because liquor is their cup of (alcoholic) tea. But plenty of people everywhere enjoy a good light beer.

In fact, if you break it down by region, we happen to be part of the region that favors hard seltzer over light beer. The entire west, as a region, would rather drink hard seltzers than any type of light beer. The midwest and south went for the light beer, while the northeast in the New England states prefer hard seltzer. Now that we have that fun fact out of the way, is Wyoming going to favor a hard seltzer over a light beer?

Not hardly! According to Google trends, Wyoming and just one other state, Minnesota, enjoy Coors Light more than any other light beer. I am in agreement with that since Coors Light happens to be my light beer of choice. That says something considering the fact that I'm originally from St. Louis, MO. I know, you're probably thinking I should like Bud Light, right? But no, personally, I think Coors Light > Bud Light.

So what about Colorado? I mean, they are where Coors is originated from so they must be Coors Light drinkers too, right? Nope! Our neighbors to the south went for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Seltzer. You can check out what the rest of the states prefer at the link provided here.

As for the most popular light beer in the U.S., it happens to be Natural Light. It was the most popular light beer in nine states. Perhaps since it tends to be the cheapest, that could be why given the way global inflation is.

But there it is, enjoy your Coors Light, Wyoming! Cheers!

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