Whoever is in the business of making silver monoliths has struck again. This time it's a new silver spire that has appeared near Cedar City, Utah.

KUTV was among the many media outlets reporting that a new silver monolith had made its way to the desert land known as Utah.

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If you're new to this whole monolith appearing out of nowhere business, we reported this last year in Utah and in California and Romania. The National Park Service even showed their sense of humor with a bear rubbing up against a monolith. Classic.

This is the monolith just spotted near Cedar City.

The weird part this time is it includes a message. Fox 13 Now says the message inside a compartment which includes a copper strip that says "HUMAN MAY 4TH, 37.3179604, 114.9597835"

UPDATE: Now the St. George News is reporting the silver monolith has disappeared again.

Can someone please call Mulder and Scully as this is getting very confusing. There's no monolith then there's a monolith then it's gone again. Please make up your monolith minds.

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