No, I'm not making this up and I can prove it. Utah residents really are being terrorized by music that is coming through their sewers and eventually their toilets and you can hear it for yourself.

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Kudos to KSL in Salt Lake City who first shared this story about why Utah residents are hearing music "from the depths" through their sewers and toilets. Shelby Lofton shared video of this phenomenon. Make sure your sound is turned up. You'll thank me later.

No, it's not aliens. It's what is known as a Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool. One place in the sewer has a transmitter and a nearby one has a receiver. It's all a process to determine how obstructed (or not) a pipe is. Brilliant.

Not all Utah residents are terrified. The KSL story says some think it's...beautiful. I wouldn't go that far, but I will say that it sounds otherworldly. I'm not sure I would have chosen a chord like they have. Maybe something a little more appropriate like "I Can See Clearly Now" would have worked. Or, maybe not.

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