"The falling block in Wyoming" is a 75-foot-high block that seems to have fallen out of nowhere.

It is allegedly a natural formation that looks perfectly squared and artificially leveled at the top.

The “Falling Block” is a massive stone block resembling a semi-finished cube high in the Wyoming Mountains of Bighorn National Forest.

Is it merely a result of geological processes?

A massive enigma of a stone block in the State of Wyoming USA.

There is little information about this massive rock

It is barely known outside hiking circles, called “falling rock” located in the Eastern part of the Bighorn, in the plateau northwest of the Dihedrals Wall about four miles south-southwest of Burgess Junction in an area called Bear Rocks.

The rock is barely accessible but to a select few intrepid hikers & mountain climbers. This has allowed it to remain mostly unknown.

This massive block is 50 to 75 feet high & resembles an unfinished cube.

There are a few out there who have wondered if this massive stone was man-made because it is so perfectly square.

Rock climbers love it.

It is said to be natural, breaking off and falling from an adjacent wall of Dolomite sliding & tumbling to its resting spot on a slope of shale and limestone.

Poking around on the internet won't do much good if you're looking for information.

The most information can be found on this website link, called Ancient Connection. But even they don't have much of a write-up about it.

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