The news that Guns N' Roses will be headlining this year's Coachella Festival was supposed to be accompanied by an appearance by Axl Rose on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight. But Rose canceled the interview, which caused the show's host to mock the frontman's famously mercurial ways on his show last night.

"Axl Rose was supposed to be here tomorrow, but he will not be here tomorrow for reasons known only to Axl Rose," Kimmel said. "Or maybe he will be here, and he’s just trying to keep us guessing. I don’t know." You can watch the clip above.

Last night, Guns N' Roses confirmed their appearance at the high-profile music festival for April 16 and 23. But there hasn't been any official statement on whether the band will include original members Slash and Duff McKagan, as rumored. However, after the Coachella lineup was announced, the guitarist and bassist shared the same image -- the Guns N' Roses "bullet" logo superimposed on a desert scene that's featured on the Coachella poster -- on social media at roughly the same time.

Still, that prompts the question of why Rose would cancel the Kimmel appearance. Was he angry that the news of his appearance leaked out when it was supposed to be a secret? Or have the former bandmates created a mock feud to help up drum up publicity for an event that really doesn't need additional hype? Or maybe it's just another case of "Axl being Axl," Either way, we'll be watching the show tonight to see what happens.

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