Former Wyoming Cowboys phenom and now Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen has his very own cereal and you can now snag it here in our state.

The cereal is known as 'Josh's Jaqs', which sounds kind of like Apple Jacks and apparently taste like it too, but without the apple? And kind of like Fruit Loops? Intriguing. That's according to the video below:

According to the Cowboy State Daily, the cereal has been selling well in upstate New York. And just last week, it started selling at the University of Wyoming bookstore. The sales of the cereal are also benefiting the Buffalo community as a portion of the proceeds are going towards a children's hospital there.

And not only are sales reportedly doing well in Buffalo, but they're comparable to the sales of Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes cereal, 'Mahomes Magic Crunch'. It makes sense. As of this point in the season, Allen and Mahomes are both definitely guys you can put in the conversation for this year's NFL MVP.

In a recent interview, Allen said of the cereal:

It’s something that people get and they start their day and they look at me on a cereal box...It’s definitely weird, but it’s a cool thing and something to cross off the bucket list.

So if you're looking to get your cereal game on, head to Laramie to hit up the UW campus bookstore for some Josh's Jaqs. And don't forget to buy milk for it since you need milk to eat the cereal. There's no joke here, that's just common sense.

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